Coventry's Lioness' Pride AKC WP928616/01
name: Coventry's Lioness' Pride (Leah)
sex: female female
colour: red & white red & white
born: 29.07.1999.
owner: Jean Edwards
ch-titles: BIS/MBISS CH
results: #5 Siberian Husky 2004 , #4 Siberian Husky Breed System 2002, Invited to Westminster in 2002 and 2004


slika slika

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Kristari’s Firechief O’Tahluu
red & white slika AKC WP 473086/05
USA CH Innisfree's Fire and Frost
red & white slika WG 122261 5-90
AM/CAN CH  Innisfree's Brannigan
black & white slika WF 883943 12-87
Innisfree's She-Ari
red & white slika AKC WF 739936 5-88
CH Kristari's Erlene
black & white slika AKC WG 144578

CH Coventry’s Lioness In Winter
gray & white slika AKC WP 601472/02

offspring (1)  ch  name   sex   color   born   litters   HD   height   sire 
AKC WS02... MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Coventry's Peace Negotiator slika male crno-bijela 26.12.2002. 5 A Innisfree's Chips Ahoy

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