Chotovotka's Shotgun Willie WE 391827
name: Chotovotka's Shotgun Willie (Willie)
sex: male male
colour: gray & white gray & white
eyes: blue
born: 27.04.1979.
ch-titles: CH
note: WD-National Specialty-1980.
BISS--Rocky Mtn SHC

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH  Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
red & white slika AKC WC 976104
Innisfree’s Sierra Beau-Jack
gray & white WC 269209
CH Weldon's Beau-Buck
gray & white slika WB 349516

Innisfree’s Sierra Royal Kate
black & white WC 269210

CH Innisfree's Oomachuk
black & white slika WA 720276
CH Chotovotka's Ms Kitty Russell
black & white WC 787920
AM/CAN CH Innisfree's Pegasus
black & white slika WB 581647
CH Alakazan's Nikolai
black & white slika WA 843305
CH Innisfree's Oomachuk
black & white slika WA 720276

offspring (1)  ch  name   sex   color   born   litters   HD   height   dam 
WF 228846 Kontoki's Fontella Bass female crno-bijela 12.12.1981. 1 Happy To Be Innisfree

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